ArtistDateLocation # of DiscsNotes
Alice In Chains 1992/11/29Toronto, ON1released as Desert - exact date is uncertain - definitely a 92 show
Belle & Sebastian 1998/10/05Paris, France1Released as "The Black Sessions"
Ben Harper 2001/04/11Sydney, Australia1SBW Independant Theatre - app by Eddie Vedder
Billy Bragg 1991/11/12Big Mouth Strikes Again1Tracks 11-16 are bonus tracks recorded in Europe in 1992
Black Crowes 1990/11/26New Haven, CT1Toad's Place - mediocre sound quality
Black Crowes 1991/06/15Los Angeles, CA1Greek Theater - mediocre sound quality
Blind Melon 1993/02/23Cantonville, MD1small, 1/2 second gaps b/t songs
Blind Melon 1993/04/24Mexico City, Mexico1 
Blind Melon 1994/03/17Kirksville, MO1recording messes up for less than a second during No Rain
Blind Melon 1994/08/13New York1Woodstock '94
Blind Melon 1995/10/03Vancouver, BC1Vancouver Commodore Ballroom
Blind Melon 1995/10/11Westwood One Radio Broadcast1I removed the commercials from a single track recording myself, so this might be different from other versions
Bruce Springsteen 2002/08/21Tacoma, WA2 
Buddy Guy 2001/09/28Charlotte, NC1Verizon Ampitheatre with John Hiatt and BB King
Buddy Guy and Stevie Ray Vaughn 1989/07/30Chicago, IL1It's Still Called the Blues
Candlebox 1994/07/03Milwaukee, WI1Keepers Of the Flame
Caroline's Spine 2000/05/23Phoenix, AZ1Taper was late to the show and was only able to record the end of this show
Caroline's Spine 2000/09/15Tulsa, OK1I don't know for sure, but I believe my copy of this show is missing what should be the first track
Cast Iron Filter 2000/09/28Charlotte, NC1Double Door Inn
Cast Iron Filter 2001/06/22Charlotte, NC1Mojo's - Howie's last and Mason's first show - 1st set only
Cast Iron Filter 2001/09/02Van Hoy Music Festival1First of two Sets throughout the weekend
Cast Iron Filter 2002/01/01Charlotte, NC1Amos' New Year's Party with Jupiter Coyote
Cast Iron Filter 2002/01/04Atlanta, GA2 
Cast Iron Filter 2002/01/18Raleigh, NC2The Pour House
Cast Iron Filter 2002/03/22Raleigh, NC2The Pour House
Cast Iron Filter 2002/04/18Bethesda, MD2Lewie's Bar
Cast Iron Filter 2002/05/31Raleigh, NC2The Pour House
Cast Iron Filter 2002/07/27Asheville, NC12nd Night at Bele Chere
Cast Iron Filter 2002/08/01Decatur, GA2Jake's Roadhouse
Cast Iron Filter 2002/11/16Charlotte, NC2Visulite Theatre
Cast Iron Filter 2002/11/23Raleigh, NC2The Pour House
Cast Iron Filter 2003/01/17Charlotte, NC2Amos'
Cast Iron Filter 2003/02/07New York, NY2The Mercury Lounge
Cast Iron Filter 2003/02/14Tallahassee, FL1Potbelly's - 2nd set was not recorded, so this show is incomplete
Cast Iron Filter 2003/03/07Charlottesville, VA2Outback Lodge
Cast Iron Filter 2003/03/28Raleigh, NC2The Pour House
Cast Iron Filter 2003/09/19Raleigh, NC2The Pour House
Cast Iron Filter 2003/11/01Richmond, VA2 
Cast Iron Filter 2003/12/13Charlotte, NC2Visulite Theater
Cast Iron Filter 2004/01/03Atlanta, GA2 
Cast Iron Filter 2004/01/10Charleston, SC2The Music Farm
Cast Iron Filter 2004/01/16Raleigh, NC2The Pour House
Cast Iron Filter 2004/01/17Greenville, SC2The Handlebar
Cast Iron Filter 2004/05/21St. Simon's Island, GA1Rafter's
Clash 1979/09/21New York, NY1Palladium
Clash 1980/03/08Pissaic, NJ1Capitol Theatre
Clash 1981/06/09New York, NY2 
Clash 1983/05/28San Bernadito, CA1Live at the US Festival
Collective Soul 1999/07/25New York1Woodstock '99
Corrs 1998/08/17Royal Albert Hall1This set was commercially released
Creed 1999/06/25New York1Woodstock '99 - Robbie Kreiger plays on the last 3 songs
Cure 1991/03/03New York1MTV Unplugged plus unaired tracks
Cure 1995/06/25Glastonbury, England2 
Cure 2002/11/11Berlin, Germany1Tempodrom - Triology Shows - missing several songs
David Bowie 1972/10/20Santa Monica, CA1Ziggy Stardust tour - AMAZING show I love Width of a Circle
David Bowie 1990/08/05Milton Keynes, England2 
David Bowie 1995/10/09Atlanta, GA1Tour with NIN
David Bowie 1995/10/11St. Louis, MO1Disc 2 of 2-Disc set with Nine Inch Nails - Live Hate
David Bowie 1997/01/08New York, NY1Radio Interview and Concert - "officially" titled ChangesNowBowie
David Bowie 1997/01/10New York2David's 50th birthday
David Bowie 1999/10/18New York1VH1 Storytellers
David Bowie 2000/06/25Glastonbury, England2 
David Bowie 2000/06/27BBC Broadcasting House2The BBC Experience
David Bowie 2002/07/01Paris, France2 
David Bowie 2002/09/09London, England2Maida Vale Studios - also with Jools Holland
David Gilmour 1984/04/30London, England1Hammersmith Odeon
David Gilmour 2001/06/22London, England1Royal Festival Hall
Eddie Vedder w Neil Finn 1998/11/06Boston, MA1Karma Club - Ed made a surprise appearance at Neil's show
Godsmack 2001/06/01Nuerburgring, Germany1Rock AM Ring Festival
Jane's Addiction 1991/08/16Fairfax, VA1maybe Washington DC?
Led Zeppelin 1968/06/27London, England1Playhouse Theatre - Another White Summer - Track 7 from 04/26/1970
Limp Bizkit 1999/07/24Rome, NY1Woodstock '99
Live 1992/08/14Providence, RI1Club Babyhead
Live 1992/09/06Los Angeles, CA1The Roxy
Live 1993/02/27Kingston, RI1University of Rhode Island
Live 1994/01/15Sao Paulo, Brazil1 
Live 1994/05/16Los Angeles, CA1The Roxy - These tracks usually appear as bonuses on the 10/24/1999 House of Blues disc
Live 1994/06/03Atlanta, GA199X Acoustic Sessions - Also appears at the end of MTV Unplugged from 04/19/1995
Live 1994/07/31Orlando, FL1The Edge
Live 1994/11/19New York, NY1The Academy - This show is also called Walk the Starlight
Live 1995/02/11Amsterdam, Holland1 
Live 1995/04/19Brooklynn, NY1MTV Unplugged
Live 1995/06/09Stockholm, Sweden1Club Gino
Live 1995/07/19Lancaster, PA1Chameleon Club
Live 1997/01/01Toronto, Ontario1Much Music's Intimated and Interactive + Modern Rock Live (Tracks 13-16) Both shows 1997 - exact dates unknown
Live 1997/03/02Milwaukee, WI2Riverside Theatre
Live 1997/04/10Amsterdam, Holland1"Rattlesnake" at the Paradiso
Live 1997/05/08Melbourne, Australia1 
Live 1997/10/16Various1Secret Samadhi Concert Broadcast - compilation of songs from several tour dates
Live 1997/11/09Erie, PA1Erie Civic Center
Live 1998/06/20Charlotte, NC1Summer Sounds Festival
Live 1999/07/23Rome, NY1Woodstock '99 - CD usually includes 4 tracks from 22 August 1999
Live 1999/08/22Hard Rock Live1TV Broadcast - Tracks 2-5 usually appear on the 23 July 1999 show from Woodstock
Live 1999/10/24Las Vegas, NV1House of Blues
Live 1999/12/02The Hague, Holland1"The Distance to the Hague"
Live 1999/12/09Flanders Expo, Belgium1 
Live 2000/01/01studio remixes1No exact month or day
Live 2000/03/13Chapel, Australia1"Cold Live at the Chapel"
Live 2000/04/01Brussels, Belgium1Jet Studios - Recorded in April - exact date unknown
Live 2000/05/16Louisville, KY2The Palace
Live 2000/06/12Landgraaf, Netherlands1Pinkpop Festival
Live 2000/07/01Werchter, Belgium1Rock Werchter Day 1
Live 2000/07/02Werchter, Belgium2Rock Werchter Day 2
Live 2000/07/31Noblesville, IN1Deer Creek Music Center
Live 2000/08/12Scanton, PA1Montage Mountain
Live 2000/08/22Homdel, NJ1Webcast recording
Live 2000/10/21West Palm Beach, FL1 
Live 2001/05/05West Palm Beach, FL1Sunfest Music Festival
Live 2001/08/14Sao Paulo, Brazil1Radio Broadcast
Live 2001/08/27Grunspan2 
Live 2001/09/21Radio Energie, Canada1Acoustic Set
Live 2001/10/03Philadelphia, PA1Philadelphia Spectrum
Live 2001/10/12Rotterdam, Netherlands1 
Live 2001/11/11St. Louis, MO2The Pageant Theatre
Live 2002/07/06St. Louis, MO2The Pageant Theatre
Lou Reed 1972/12/26New York, NY1Hero and Heroine
Mad Season 1994/11/20Seattle, WA1Crocodile Cafe
Mad Season 1995/04/29Seattle, WA1Moore Theatre - "Season of Myst" - most appeared on the video "Live at the Moore"
Metallica 1993/02/25Mexico City, Mexico3Live Shit - Recorded 02/25-02/27 and 03/01-03/02
Moby 2000/06/12Landgraaf, Netherlands1Pinkpop Festival
Neil Young w/ Pearl Jam 1995/06/24San Francisco, CA2Broken Mirror (no Eddie)
Nine Inch Nails 1994/08/13New York2Woodstock '94
Nine Inch Nails 1995/10/11St. Louis, MO1 of 2-Disc set with David Bowie - Live Hate
Nirvana 1989/11/18Hanau, DE1Ku-Ba
Nirvana 1991/10/12Chicago, IL1Dressed For Success (Tracks 1-17); Fecal Matter Demo (18-21)
Nirvana 1991/10/31Seattle, WA1Trick or Treat
Nirvana 1992/01/01Studio1Hormoaning EP - Released in 1992, but I'm unsure of the exact date
Nirvana 1992/02/19Tokyo, Japan1Nakano Sunplaza
Nirvana 1993/01/23Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2Hollywood Rock Festival
Nirvana 1994/02/22Rome, Italy1XXII II MCMXCIV
Nirvana 1994/02/25Milan, Italy1Suicide Solution
Oasis 1995/06/23Glastonbury, England1 
Our Lady Peace 1999/07/25Rome, NY1Woodstock '99
Pearl Jam 1988/07/01San Diego, CA1Date unknown Four tracks recorded by Eddie during the Bad Radio period
Pearl Jam 1990/08/01The Gossman Project1Instrumental Demo tape sent to Eddie Vedder
Pearl Jam 1990/09/01Stone Gossard Demos1Demo tape sent from Eddie to Stone - exact date unknown
Pearl Jam 1990/10/13Mookie Blaylock Demo Tape1Oct 13-23; first rehearsal/first demo tape
Pearl Jam 1990/10/22Seattle, WA1First show - played under the name Mookie Blaylock at the Off Ramp Cafe
Pearl Jam 1990/11/13Seattle, WA1Temple of the Dog - All members except Eddie
Pearl Jam 1991/02/07Los Angeles, CA1Florentine Gardens
Pearl Jam 1991/04/26Rough Mixes1Tracks 14-16 not on original cassette
Pearl Jam 1991/08/23Seattle, WA1Mural Ampitheater - also includes 11/09/91 show - Track 10 (Breath) is cut off
Pearl Jam 1991/10/06Hollywood, CA1The Palladium - Children of Novelty
Pearl Jam 1991/11/02Burlington, VT1Memorial Auditorium
Pearl Jam 1991/11/08New York, NY1CBGB's
Pearl Jam 1991/11/09Rockville, MD1Tower Records Acoustic - appears at the end of the 12/31/1991 disc
Pearl Jam 1991/11/21Ann Arbor, MI1Blind Pig
Pearl Jam 1991/12/31Daly City, CA1Cow Palace - Also contains the 11/09/1991 acoustic set from Tower Records
Pearl Jam 1992/01/17Seattle, WA1Moore Theater
Pearl Jam 1992/02/09Denmark1 
Pearl Jam 1992/02/11Paris, France1Locomotive
Pearl Jam 1992/02/18Milan, Italy1Missing the opener - Release and Black and Deep after Alive
Pearl Jam 1992/02/22Newcastle, England1Riverside Club - 5 Alive - Radio One broadcast - incomplete
Pearl Jam 1992/02/25Nottingham, England1Rock City
Pearl Jam 1992/02/28London, England1Union of London University - missing Track 9 - "Why Go"
Pearl Jam 1992/03/02Paard, Den Haag, Holland1 
Pearl Jam 1992/03/04Utrecht, Holland2 
Pearl Jam 1992/03/05Eindhoven, Holland1Effenaar - missing last song - Garden
Pearl Jam 1992/03/08Cologne, Germany1Live Music Hall
Pearl Jam 1992/03/12Frankfurt, Germany1Batschkaap
Pearl Jam 1992/03/16New York1MTV Unplugged
Pearl Jam 1992/04/04Ontario, Canada1Concert Hall
Pearl Jam 1992/04/12New York, NY1Limelight
Pearl Jam 1992/04/20New Orleans, LA1Tipitina's
Pearl Jam 1992/06/06Finsbury Park, England1 
Pearl Jam 1992/06/18Zurich, Switzerland1 
Pearl Jam 1992/06/26Roskilde, Denmark1Roskilde Festival
Pearl Jam 1992/08/14Reston, VA1Lollapalooza - Lake Fairfax Park
Pearl Jam 1992/08/22Miami, FL1Lollapalooza - Bicentennial Park Grounds
Pearl Jam 1992/09/20Seattle, WA1 
Pearl Jam 1992/12/31New York, NY1The Academy
Pearl Jam 1993/05/13San Francisco, CA2 
Pearl Jam 1993/11/05Indio, CA2 
Pearl Jam 1993/12/01Las Vegas, NV1 
Pearl Jam 1994/03/10Chicago, IL2 
Pearl Jam 1994/03/28Miami, FL2 
Pearl Jam 1994/03/29St. Petersburg, FL2Hotpoint
Pearl Jam 1994/04/02Atlanta, GA2The Day Before
Pearl Jam 1994/04/03Atlanta, GA2 
Pearl Jam 1994/04/06Springfield, MA2 
Pearl Jam 1994/04/11Boston, MA2 
Pearl Jam 1994/04/12Boston, MA2Orpheum
Pearl Jam 1994/04/17New York, NY2Paramount Theater
Pearl Jam 1994/10/01Mountain View, CA1Bridge School Benefit
Pearl Jam 1994/10/02Mountain View, CA1Bridge School Benefit
Pearl Jam 1995/01/08Seattle, WA1Self Pollution Radio - Tracks 11-14 Mad Season
Pearl Jam 1995/02/05Seattle, WA2Moore Theater - "Piss Bottle Men"
Pearl Jam 1995/02/06Seattle, WA2Moore Theater - "Act of Love"
Pearl Jam 1995/02/08Missoula, MT2 
Pearl Jam 1995/06/16Casper, WY2 
Pearl Jam 1995/06/20Red Rocks - Denver, CO2"Steppin' Stones"
Pearl Jam 1995/07/09Milwaukee, WI2 
Pearl Jam 1995/07/11Chicago, IL3 
Pearl Jam 1995/09/17New Orleans, LA2Tad Gormley
Pearl Jam 1995/11/01Salt Lake City, UT2Delta Center
Pearl Jam 1995/11/06San Diego, CA2 
Pearl Jam 1996/09/16Seattle, WA2Key Arena
Pearl Jam 1996/09/29New York, NY3 
Pearl Jam 1996/10/01Buffalo, NY2 
Pearl Jam 1996/10/04Charlotte, NC2 
Pearl Jam 1996/11/03Berlin, Germany2 
Pearl Jam 1996/11/07Paris, France2 
Pearl Jam 1996/11/21Barcelona, Spain2 
Pearl Jam 1996/12/04Rome, Italy1Ed only - "Rome's Secret Show"
Pearl Jam 1998/03/03Melbourne, Australia2Melbourne Park
Pearl Jam 1998/03/05Melbourne, Australia2 
Pearl Jam 1998/06/29Chicago, IL2 
Pearl Jam 1998/06/30Minneapolis, MN2 
Pearl Jam 1998/07/02St. Louis, MO2 
Pearl Jam 1998/07/22Seattle, WA2 
Pearl Jam 1998/08/25Burgettestown, PA2 
Pearl Jam 1998/08/29Camden, NJ2 
Pearl Jam 1998/09/04Greenville, SC2Bi-Lo Center
Pearl Jam 1998/09/11New York, NY2 
Pearl Jam 1998/09/19Washington, D.C.2 
Pearl Jam 1999/10/30Mountain View, CA1Bridge School Benefit - 1st Night
Pearl Jam 1999/10/31Mountain View, CA1Bridge School Benefit - 2nd Night
Pearl Jam 2000/05/23Lisbon, Portugal2 
Pearl Jam 2000/05/25Barcelona, Spain2 
Pearl Jam 2000/05/26San Sebastian, Spain2 
Pearl Jam 2000/05/29London, England2 
Pearl Jam 2000/06/01Dublin, Ireland2 
Pearl Jam 2000/06/03Glasgow, Scotland2 
Pearl Jam 2000/06/04Manchester, England2 
Pearl Jam 2000/06/06Cardiff, Wales2 
Pearl Jam 2000/06/08Paris, France2 
Pearl Jam 2000/06/09Eifel, Germany2Rock Am Ring
Pearl Jam 2000/06/11Nurnberg, Germany2Rock Am Park
Pearl Jam 2000/06/12Landgraaf, Netherlands2Pinkpop Festival
Pearl Jam 2000/06/14Praha, Czech Republic2Paegas Arena
Pearl Jam 2000/06/15Katowice, Poland2Spodek Arena
Pearl Jam 2000/06/16Katowice, Poland2 
Pearl Jam 2000/06/18Salzburg, Austria2Salzburg City Square
Pearl Jam 2000/06/19Ljubljana, Slovenia2Hala Tivoli
Pearl Jam 2000/06/22Milan, Italy2Fila Forum
Pearl Jam 2000/06/23Zurich, Switzerland2Hallenstadion
Pearl Jam 2000/06/26Hamburg, Germany2Sporthalle
Pearl Jam 2000/06/28Stockholm, Sweden2Naval Museum
Pearl Jam 2000/08/03Virginia Beach, VA2 
Pearl Jam 2000/08/04Charlotte, NC2 
Pearl Jam 2000/08/09West Palm Beach, FL2 
Pearl Jam 2000/08/18Indianapolis, IN2 
Pearl Jam 2000/08/20Cincinnati, OH2Riverbend Music Center
Pearl Jam 2000/08/21Columbus, OH2 
Pearl Jam 2000/08/24Jones Beach, NY2 
Pearl Jam 2000/08/25Jones Beach, NY2 
Pearl Jam 2000/08/30Boston, MA2Tweeter Center
Pearl Jam 2000/09/01Philadelphia, PA2E-Center
Pearl Jam 2000/09/05Burgettstown, PA2 
Pearl Jam 2000/10/05Toronto, Canada2 
Pearl Jam 2000/10/08East Troy, WI2Alpine Valley
Pearl Jam 2000/10/09Chicago, IL2 
Pearl Jam 2000/10/14Houston, TX2 
Pearl Jam 2000/10/17Dallas, TX2 
Pearl Jam 2000/10/22Las Vegas, NV2 
Pearl Jam 2000/10/25San Diego, CA2 
Pearl Jam 2000/10/31Mountain View, CA2 
Pearl Jam 2000/11/05Seattle, WA2 
Pearl Jam 2000/11/06Seattle, WA3 
Pearl Jam 2001/10/20Mountain View, CA1Bridge School Benefit
Pearl Jam 2001/10/21Mountain View, CA1Bridge School Benefit
Pearl Jam 2002/02/26Los Angeles, CA1with Beck and Mike Ness - Concert for Artist's Rights
Pearl Jam 2002/03/15Los Angeles, CA1Royce Hall, UCLA
Pearl Jam 2002/09/18New York, NY1K-Rock Radio Interview
Pearl Jam 2002/09/23Chicago, IL1Opening for the Who
Pearl Jam 2002/12/05Seattle, WA2Showbox
Pearl Jam 2002/12/06Seattle, WA2Showbox
Pearl Jam 2002/12/08Seattle, WA2Key Arena
Pearl Jam 2002/12/09Seattle, WA2Key Arena
Pearl Jam 2003/02/08Brisbane, Australia2 
Pearl Jam 2003/02/09Brisbane, Australia2 
Pearl Jam 2003/02/11Sydney, Australia2 
Pearl Jam 2003/02/13Sydney, Australia2 
Pearl Jam 2003/02/14Sydney, Australia2 
Pearl Jam 2003/02/16Adelaide, Australia2 
Pearl Jam 2003/02/18Melbourne, Australia2 
Pearl Jam 2003/02/19Melbourne, Australia2 
Pearl Jam 2003/02/20Melbourne, Australia2 
Pearl Jam 2003/02/23Perth, Australia2 
Pearl Jam 2003/02/28Sendai, Japan2 
Pearl Jam 2003/03/01Yokohoma, Japan2 
Pearl Jam 2003/03/03Tokyo, Japan2 
Pearl Jam 2003/03/04Osaka, Japan2 
Pearl Jam 2003/03/06Nagoya, Japan2 
Pearl Jam 2003/04/01Denver, CO2 
Pearl Jam 2003/04/03Oklahoma City, OK2 
Pearl Jam 2003/04/05San Antonio, TX2 
Pearl Jam 2003/04/06Houston, TX2 
Pearl Jam 2003/04/08New Orleans, LA2 
Pearl Jam 2003/04/09Birmingham, AL2 
Pearl Jam 2003/04/11West Palm Beach, FL2 
Pearl Jam 2003/04/13Tampa, FL2 
Pearl Jam 2003/04/15Raleigh, NC2Walnut Creek Ampitheatre
Pearl Jam 2003/04/16Charlotte, NC2Verizon Wireless Ampitheater
Pearl Jam 2003/04/18Nashville, TN2 
Pearl Jam 2003/04/19Atlanta, GA2 
Pearl Jam 2003/04/21Lexington, KY2 
Pearl Jam 2003/04/22St. Louis, MO2 
Pearl Jam 2003/04/23Champaign, IL2 
Pearl Jam 2003/04/25Cleveland, OH2 
Pearl Jam 2003/04/26Pittsburgh, PA2 
Pearl Jam 2003/04/28Philadelphia, PA2 
Pearl Jam 2003/04/29Albany, NY2 
Pearl Jam 2003/04/30Uniondale, NY2 
Pearl Jam 2003/05/02Buffalo, NY3 
Pearl Jam 2003/05/03State College, PA3 
Pearl Jam 2003/05/28Missoula, MT2 
Pearl Jam 2003/05/30Vancouver, Canada2 
Pearl Jam 2003/06/01Mt. View, CA2 
Pearl Jam 2003/06/02Irvine, CA2 
Pearl Jam 2003/06/03Irvine, CA2 
Pearl Jam 2003/06/05San Diego, CA2 
Pearl Jam 2003/06/06Las Vegas, NV2 
Pearl Jam 2003/06/07Phoenix, AZ2 
Pearl Jam 2003/06/09Dallas, TX2 
Pearl Jam 2003/06/10Little Rock, AR2 
Pearl Jam 2003/06/12Kansas City, MO2 
Pearl Jam 2003/06/13Council Bluff, IA2 
Pearl Jam 2003/06/15Fargo, ND2 
Pearl Jam 2003/06/16St. Paul, MN2 
Pearl Jam 2003/06/18Chicago, IL2 
Pearl Jam 2003/06/21East Troy, WI2 
Pearl Jam 2003/06/22Noblesville, IN2 
Pearl Jam 2003/06/24Columbus, OH2 
Pearl Jam 2003/06/25Detroit, MI2 
Pearl Jam 2003/06/26Detroit, MI2 
Pearl Jam 2003/06/28Toronto, Canada2 
Pearl Jam 2003/06/29Montreal, Canada2 
Pearl Jam 2003/07/01Washington, D.C.2 
Pearl Jam 2003/07/02Mansfield, MA2 
Pearl Jam 2003/07/03Mansfield, MA2 
Pearl Jam 2003/07/05Camden, NJ2 
Pearl Jam 2003/07/06Camden, NJ2 
Pearl Jam 2003/07/08New York, NY3 
Pearl Jam 2003/07/09New York, NY2 
Pearl Jam 2003/07/11Mansfield, MA3 
Pearl Jam 2003/07/12Hershey, PA2 
Pearl Jam 2003/07/14Holmdel, NJ2 
Pearl Jam 2003/07/17Mexico City, Mexico2 
Pearl Jam 2003/07/18Mexico City, Mexico2 
Pearl Jam 2003/07/19Mexico City, Mexico3 
Pearl Jam 2003/10/22Seattle, WA2Benaroya Hall
Pearl Jam 2003/10/25Mountain View, CA1Bridge School Benefit - 1st night
Pearl Jam 2003/10/26Mountain View, CA1Bridge School Benefit - 1st night
Pearl Jam 2003/10/28Santa Barbara, CA2Acoustic and Then Some
Phish 2000/07/14Columbus, OH1Polaris Ampitheatre
Pink Floyd 1975/06/18Boston, MA1Boston Garden
Pink Floyd 1977/05/09Oakland, CA2The Animals Live
Primus 1994/08/14Saugerties, NY1Woodstock '94
Primus 1996/02/23Osaka, Japan1Club Quattro
Primus 1999/11/06Cleveland, OH2 
R.E.M. 1998/11/09Stockholm, Sweden2This is a recording of a radio broadcast The copy I have may be missing the final track - Passenger by Iggy Pop
Radiohead 1997/06/28Glastonbury, England1 
Radiohead 2003/07/05Montreux Jazz Festival2 
Rage Against the Machine 1999/07/24Rome, NY1Woodstock '99
Rolling Stones 1973/02/14Perth, Australia1Rocks Off
Soundgarden 1992/01/01Europe1Europe '92 - Exact date and location uncertain - if anyone knows, drop me an email
Soundgarden 1992/06/08Landgraf, Netherlands1Pinkpop Festival
Soundgarden 1994/02/15Osaka, Japan1Garden of Souls
Soundgarden 1994/08/04Paris, France2 
Soundgarden 2003/03/12England2Crown of Thorns
Stone Temple Pilots 1991/01/01studio1The Mighty Joe Young Demo Tape - exact date in 1991 uncertain
Stone Temple Pilots 1994/08/22Worcester, MA1released as Interstate Love Songs
Stone Temple Pilots 1999/08/12Las Vegas, NV1 
Stone Temple Pilots 2000/03/15Los Angeles, CA2House of Blues
The Who 1969/09/29Amsterdam, Holland1My Generation
Tool 1996/10/16Los Angeles, CA1 
Tool 1996/11/22Roseland, CA1 
Tool 1997/02/11Amsterdam, Holland1The Paradiso - (A better two-disc version of this show exists)
U2 2000/12/05New York, NY1Irving Plaza